Job Pro Series

The JobPro Game Series is composed of 3 games developed with Simcoach Games focused on professionalism in the workplace.  I designed the main game mechanics for each game, designed the game systems, created in-game situations, and prepared design documents for programmers to reference.  

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Job Pro: Get Hired 
Job Pro: Get Prepared
Job Pro: Get Dressed

Dev. Date: May 2015 - August 2015

Role: Game Designer

Team Size: 5 people

Genre: Simulation; Arcade

Platform: Mobile; Unity  


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Job Pro: Get Hired is an arcade game that simulates an actual interview.  It was important for player's to learn what to do during interviews, so I modeled mechanics to capture the feeling of being in an interview (the anxiety, difficulty, quick thinking).  

The player must exhibit professional behavior and answer the interviewer's questions during the game. Two main mechanics: Finger Gestures to perform actions & touch answers to answer interview questions.  The player can use basic finger gestures like swiping up or making a half-circles to fix bad behaviors and show good behaviors. When the interviewer asks a question, they can enter "Answer Mode". In "Answer Mode". time slows down to allow you to choose 1 of the 3 answers shown on screen. After a certain number of questions, you're graded on a player's behavior, speed, and question answers.


Start Screen

Start Screen

Gesture Mechanic

"Answer" Mode

Get Prepared simulates the first thing that people should do before an interview, "Get Prepared." This is a strategy game about managing your limited time and preparing for your interview. You must carry out tasks to prepare properly for your interview. Each tasks requires a certain amount of time to perform. You can rest, learn about the company, print resumes, exercise, eat, use good hygiene, watch TV, and travel (traveling at the right time is extremely important). It is your responsibility to travel and arrive to your interview at the correct time. It's impossible to do EVERYTHING, but you must do the things that are most important and will prepare you the most.


Start Screen

Get Dressed is basically a "dress up" type of game except you are dressing for interviews at various job locations. For each job location, you must choose the proper clothing to wear that will help you get the job. After each interview, you're graded based upon how appropriate your clothing is for the interview. In an interview timeline, after you spend time preparing for the interview, it will be the day of the interview. On the day of, one of the most important things you can do is dress properly for the interview. I wanted to let players choose their clothes for the interview and give them the freedom to make good or bad clothing choices. This way, they can learn from "experience" what is appropriate or inappropriate for certain types of interviews.


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